Why Gourmet Coffee Is Still a Big Deal for Café Owners


Gourmet Coffee – coffee has been popular for hundreds of years – but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped being a big deal. Millions of people love drinking coffee every day, and most of them don’t just want basic instant coffee: they want gourmet coffee.

In fact, recent research found that daily consumption of coffee has nearly tripled in the last eight years. So if you own a café and you want to make sure it succeeds, it could be beneficial to sell gourmet coffee.

Here are three coffee-serving tips that are sure to impress your customers.

Embrace Espresso Drinks

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee beverages; customers can buy a small espresso to drink alone, or they can add a shot of espresso to their favourite drink to make it a little stronger. However, if you want to serve espresso, it is important to know exactly how to make it. According to the Specialty Coffee Association, the drink should be 25-35 ml, and it should be made using 7-9 grams of coffee and brewed with 195°-205°F water.

Use the Right Tools

If you really want to impress customers, it can be useful to invest in a beautiful coffee machine and a Glass Door Refrigerator to show off all of your chilled coffee drinks. According to café suppliers , this will make it clear to customers that you have a wide range of coffee drinks, so they are more likely to order a drink. The coffee machine will also help to draw in coffee-lovers from outside the shop.

Use Flavours

Today’s customers love flavoured drinks, especially if they are seasonal. This is because the flavours create some variation, and it means that people can look forward to a fun seasonal treat. If you want to do this, consider using pumpkin flavours in autumn, peppermint flavours in winter and fruit flavours in summer. However, you can always be more interesting and creative with your flavours; this will draw in new customers, and it will make your café seem more unique and fun.

Flavours are a great way to make sure that your coffee menu is always exciting and interesting, and it gives your coffee-loving customers something to look forward to – just make sure that you also have normal coffee drinks on the menu.


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