Why a Pinstripe Suit is a Wardrobe Essential for Every Man


Pinstripe Suit – Sometimes bringing the old-fashioned into the 21st century is the best thing for style. Simply put, revival works. When you imagine a pinstripe suit, it might not be the most appealing of visions in your mind. It could be an image of a banker or financial director with a briefcase in hand. However, fashionistas have breathed new life into this wardrobe item, and it is now an essential thing to own if you’re aiming for a certain sense of style. Here’s why.

They have a history

Like so many other fashion items, the pinstripe suit is not without its rich history and its different ways of being worn from days gone by. While many have hailed the comeback, it’s important to consider how it was worn before.

There’s a reason why you think of a banker wearing this suit. In the 19th century, different types of stripe were used by bankers to identify which bank they worked for, and it was the staple uniform for people in this profession. In the early 1900s Brits wore pinstripe trousers only, whereas the pattern had been stolen by the US and given a far more overstated appearance. Gangsters started donning pinstripes all over as a full suit in a rebellious gesture. We all know films like The Wolf of Wall Street, which combine financial dullness with a gangster-like feel, and, of course, pinstriped suits.

Making them fashionable again

Thanks to the financial crash of 2008, the idea of being a big-time banker on Wall Street runs a little dry with most ordinary people, and the fashion industry responded.

Gone are the days of tailoring every time. Your pinstripes can be worn casually or as a smart three-piece, and no, you don’t need to work in finance. A good collection of mens designer shirts, and there is no need for tailoring anyway, if you start off on the right foot. Lots of high-end and high street retailers have introduced the pattern as part of their summer collection, and it is quickly becoming a must-have for men who want to keep up to date.

Why not give these suits a try? They aren’t the stuffy banker suits they once were, and they’re still stylish to the maximum.



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