Top 2 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney for Long Term Disability Case


Hire an Attorney – One of the most time-consuming and frustrating processes in long-term disability cases is filing the claim. You have to face the endless paperwork, strict deadlines, and legal jargon. It’s no wonder many people end with denied claims or even give up.

Well, the simple thought of fighting a reputable insurance company is intimidating enough particularly for an individual battling with a disability, mental illness, or injury. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight alone; you can seek help from a qualified Florida long-term disability lawyer to help you understand your legal options. Besides, hiring a professional dramatically increases your chances of success, resolve your claim in time, and also minimise the stress associated with these cases.

Whether your claim has been denied or you intend to file one, here are the reasons you should consider hiring an attorney.

The application process is complex

Many people think that they never need a lawyer to file an application for LTD insurance benefits claim. The insurer (in some cases your employer) offers you the application forms to fill in. Your employer handles one form, your doctor takes care of another form, and lastly, you fill in one form. These forms come with clear instructions, and insurance company always has a representative to help. Well, this gives an impression that the application for LTD insurance benefits is straightforward.

So, why do you need a lawyer during application? Isn’t it a waste of money and time?

You’re wrong! Here is why.

The insurance company’s goal is to deny your claim rather than approving it. Hiring a lawyer means that you can effectively analyse all your legal options and identify all the pitfalls associated with the entire process. Keep in mind that submitting harmful or wrong information means you’re likely to lose the case. This is because it’s very difficult to fix the mistake even if you opt to hire a lawyer later.

Without professional assistance, you might unintentionally say something damaging that the insurance company may use against you. After all, it’s not uncommon for insurers to word their policies in a way to confuse you. If you fill in one form incorrectly, your claim may be denied.

The attorney can appeal your claim if not approved

If your LTD case isn’t approved, you have an opportunity to appeal. That means you can provide more information to the insurer so that they can review their decisions. When done correctly, an appeal can change, but it delays the case further.

Remember, some insurers can go to great lengths to deny your claim. Think of your insurer suddenly presenting surveillance footage to refute your claim. This is possible – the company can hire a private investigator to follow you around with a camera to prove that you are capable of more than your claim.

Most people seek legal counsel after their claims have been disapproved. However, a lawyer at an early stage can eliminate confusion and worry out of the application process, during your claim process, and after your claim is denied.


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