Three Bases for Building the Tiny House of Your Dreams


Tiny houses are popular with people who want to buy or build a new house but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Some build these homes on trailers, which gives them the freedom to pick up and move whenever they want. You can also build a more permanent home that you put on a piece of land that you buy. While you can work with designers to create the tiny house of your dreams, you can also use an existing structure as the basis for your home.

Shipping Container

Using a shipping container is a great idea for anyone who wants a more modern looking tiny home. You can use the same cargo trailers that manufacturers use to ship their goods and products around the world. These structures are best for use in warmer climates because the metal walls do not provide much protection from the cold, but you can add some insulation to stay warmer while living in one. These containers give you the option of cutting openings for doors and windows and arranging multiple containers together to make a larger home.

Outdoor Shed

Starting with an outdoor shed is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to build a tiny home. These sheds now come with nice features like double doors that you can open to let in fresh air and windows that come with window boxes already installed and ready for use with your favorite flowers and plants. Some even come with small porches on the front or side that are just large enough for two chairs and a small table. You can decorate the inside to look just the way you want and set up a generator to provide your home with power.


A unique idea for building a tiny home starts with a carport, which you can buy from RV covers Batonrouge companies and designers. These buildings have a roof that protects the vehicle from sun, wind and rain, but the sides of the carport are completely open and exposed. When designing your tiny home, you can pour your own foundation and use the carport to create the roof and sides. You’ll then have the option of choosing different materials to build the walls and the chance to add your own windows and doors. Any of these bases will help you create the perfect tiny home for you.


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