The Excitning Experience Of Driving A Tank


Driving A Tank – Most people will not have thought about the possibility of driving a tank!  It’s probably not the first thing you would choose if somebody offered you an experience gift day.  STOP and think though how exciting it would be to drive and control a huge military tank! It could turn out to be the experience of a life time, the thrill of rumbling across a wide-open field, the massive gun barrels protruding out in front of you.  The camouflage helmets, the special uniforms, the head sets and ear defenders to protect you from the noise of the massive motor, all add up to a realistic experience.  This is something that groups of friends or family members can do together, a fantastic fun day out enjoying the camaraderie of make believe battles.

Tank driving is not just a man thing either, driving a seventeen-ton tank around a special course and crushing cars under the thundering caterpillar tank tracks can be enjoyed just as much by a group of women.  Through deep water and mud, across terrain that’s steep and rough, from adults to children tank driving and tank battles can be a fantastic day out.  Tank Experiences through Armourgeddon is just one option to booking your memorable day out.  Get a group of friends together and fight each other in a do or die paintball battle that can be an experience you will never forget.  From John-O-Groats to Lands-end, you can choose to take the opportunity to try this thrilling, invigorating and empowering tank driving experience.

Follow in the real-life footsteps and experiences of soldiers, Captains, Generals and famous leaders such as Winston Churchill, Rommel and Montgomery.  Relish the opportunity to create an atmosphere that captivates the memories of great battles such as “The Battle of the Somme” and along “The Western Front”.

The tank was originally developed to counter act the alarmingly huge and awful loss of life encountered by trench warfare.  The very first initial tank prototype was made at William Foster & Co and was nicknamed Little Willie this design eventually became the Mark 1 Tank.  It was a rhomboid shape, twenty-six-foot-long and had the first self-propelled gun.  It was able to negotiate difficult terrain, avoid obstacles and get through deep trenches that wheeled vehicles could not.  The Tank design vehicle was originally called a “Landship” and the name Tank was kept a closely guarded secret.  Tanks have been a vital part of World War history and certainly played a major role in England’s victory in both World Wars. Be part of that incredible experience, don’t pass up the opportunity to master the beast, drive a tank and make a day to remember always.



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