Sober House Living Is Appropriate After Rehabilitation


Sober House Living – If you are addicted to drugs, then you must go through a short-term detoxification process before completing a rehabilitation program that lasts 30 to 90 days. When you are approaching the end of your substance abuse program, it is time to look for an aftercare program. Most recovering drug addicts recommend a sober housing environment before returning home.

Receive Additional Support during Recovery

A sober house is similar to a rehabilitation program because there are counselors and other participants available. When you are struggling with the cravings associated with drug use, you have someone to turn to for support so that you won’t have a dangerous relapse. A sober house is located in a normal neighborhood, and you can leave to work or to attend school.

Undergo Urine Testing For Drug Use

However, you will return to the sober house each evening to attend 12-step meetings and counseling sessions. In addition, there is a good chance that the counselors will require urine testing to determine if you have used drugs while you were outside the sober living house. You must also follow other rules while staying in a sober house living, including avoiding fights with the other participants.

Transition Back to Daily Living

Most sober houses are gender specific programs that provide a transition from having 24-hour supervision to having more independence. While living in a sober house, you will have an opportunity to plan for full integration back into society. If you don’t want to return home immediately after rehabilitation, then a sober house is an excellent place to live.

Avoid Returning To Old Temptations

In some situations, you won’t want to return to your previous living arrangement. Some counselors recommend a total change in your environment so that you won’t have any temptations from old friends. This means that you might choose a sober house that is in an unfamiliar location.

Choose the Right Sober House For You

Some sober houses are designed for younger residents while others are perfect for older recovering addicts. It is important to choose a sober house living where you feel comfortable on a daily basis. Most sober houses will require you to help with a variety of chores, including cleaning common areas. This helps to reduce the cost of the treatment in a sober house, but it also teaches you more about responsibility.


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